Penny Stocks



stocks are a nightmare for every broker, analyst, and
financial advisor. The number of
scams, failures, pump-and-dump fraudsters and dishonest
officers is well recorded. However what
is rarely mentioned are the hundreds of success stories.
With big rewards comes big
risk. Never play with more than you can afford to lose and
never take a “tip” from anyone without doing your own due
diligence. Our performance speaks for itself, however, please
be advised, past performance in no way, shape or form can
predict or guarantee future results.


Some of the easiest money made is in finding
tightly held small float stocks, ie: low public floats. An example
of this
would be: after a company has done a reverse split and name change,
most of the time that company will be undergoing some type of
promotional advertising for their stock to retail buyers.  99%
of the time these stocks see huge price gains, in other words,
profits for the early investors in the market.