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Three penny-stocks have shown considerable upward trend in the OTC-stock market today. The change% is moderate, yet they have been rallying on to show a stable daily and 52-week range. The stocks we are going to talk about today are

Company Name OTC-Market-Ticker Stock-Index ($) Previous-Close ($) Change% Daily-Range ($) 52-Wk-range($) Volume
Cocrystal Pharma, Inc COCP 1.39 1.29 +7.75 1.30-1.47 0.25-1.53 1,221,800
Norsk Hydro ASA( NHYDY 4.88 4.82  +1.24 4.87-4.92 4.51-6.34 66,723
Massroots Inc MSRT 1.35 1.35 +0.00 1.295-1.40 1.02-7.01 13,273

Cocrystal Pharma, Inc

Brief Company Profile

This is a pharmaceutical-company with its services dedicated to the field of anti-virus-treatments and therapy for chronically-ill patients. The methods used by the company are based on nucleoside-chemistry for the production of its drugs.


The current research-areas focused by the company are in Hepatitis-C, Influenza-cure, NoroVrus-removal, Dengue-Fever-treatment etc. In the field of Hepatitis-c, the company is focusing on development of compounds related to inhibitors, which prevent the rapid-replication of the virus from the root levels.

In the field of Influenza-cure, the company is focusing its efforts in developing compounds which target the enzyme called Influenza- endonuclease-enzyme. The aim is said to be focused on prevention of variant-developments by the Influenza-virus.

In the field of NoroVrus-removal, the company is focusing its attention on development of inhibitor-systems for gastro-Enteritis. According to the company resources, this could revolutionize the way in which 70,000 cases of hospitalized-treatments and 1000 deaths which happen in USA could be reduced to maximum limits.

In the field of developing cure for dengue-fever the company is said to be developing dengue-inhibitors, which are supposed to be effective against four-stereo-types of the virus.



The company is headed by its founder-member Raymond F. Schinazi, Chairman of the firm. As a scientist, he has 32 years of active experience in development of anti-viral-drugs and research-solutions.

Gary Wilcox, is the Vice-chairman of the company. He has over 25 years   of experience in operations. Apart from serving in various top positions in companies like Xoma-Corporation, he has served as professor in the UCLA-Microbiology Dept.

Financial-status of the company

According to the quarterly-reports as on May 14- 2015, the current-assets were $ 14,257,000 in cash, compared to $ 3,970,000 on Decemmber-31 2014. Gross-Revenues touched $ 27,000.

Norsk Hydro ASA

Brief Company Profile

The Norwegian-company is into production and sales of aluminum and rolled-products along with re-cycling-process.  Employee-strength of the company is 13,000. The company has its branches in more than 50 countries.


The company’s products are grouped into Bauxite-Alumina, Automotive-transport, Rolled-products, welded-products, construction-materials, general-engineering and printing & packaging materials apart from providing solar-strips and sheets for renewable-energy.


Company’s Board-of-directors has a total of 11-members. 3 of get elected by the company-employees and rest by share-holders. Apart from that it has corporate-assembly with 18-members. 12 of them are elected by share-holders and 6 by employees in Norway.

Latest News about the company (7.77 NOK=$1)

  • June-2 2015. Company’s investment-projects have crossed 230-million Euros. It is focused on Neuss and Grevenbroich. The new plant will be producing aluminum body-sheet Alu-light-cars. The plant is said to have a capacity of 150,000-tones/year.
  • May-7 2015. Company’s shares are being traded at ex-dividend of NOK-1.00 from this date, as subject-to Norwegian-security-laws ection-5-12.

Financial-status of the company

First-quarter revenues stood at NOK-Million 23 290. Earnings-per-share were NOK 0.46, Underlying-earnings-per-share were NOK 0.95. Total-investments were NOK-million 802. Net-income was NOK-Million 1,072 and underlying-net-income was NOK-million 2,206.

Massroots Inc

Brief Company Profile

The company is into the development of Mobile-apps for Cannabis-communities. Using the company’s mobile-network-systems, the users are able to share their experiences of using Cannabis for medical as well as recreational-aspects. The company came into existence in eh month of July-2013. It offered its IPO in 2015. Today the company boasts of more than 325,000 registered-users.


The major product of the company is its mobile-apps. They help the users in getting accurate and real-time information about the laws and policies adopted by Federal and provincial-governments in the United-States. The company is also said to specialize in the fields of Application-Programming-Interface development for Cannabis-user mobile applications.


The company is led by Issac Dietrich, the CEO. Most of the other members of management are technocrat-business persons including Ben Shaker-Analytics director, Kyle Burk-Stack Engineer ViXay Sysouthavongsa-UI/UX-director.

Latest News about the company 

  • May-2015.:- The campaign to reach the goal of having 500,000 users got kick-started
    • By 2016 the company is planning for one million-registered-users.
  • Feb-2015:- The Company got its social-network-site connected with Seed-to-sale-system. The aim was to integrate cannabis-tracking-software in its mobile-app. This app will focus on connecting the Cannabis-markets, health-care-units and dispensaries   with user-community

Financial-status of the company

As on May-15 2015, the company announced its q

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