Solar Energy Stocks

Some Wall Street analysts have linked the pricing of solar stocks with the price of oil.  There appears to be some solid merit to this concept, especially in the last few weeks.

Using First Solar as an example, one can see the decline that began with oil prices roughly five weeks ago to a decline in the stock price of FSLR.  Oil is down about 33% of its high and FSLR stock is down 28% from its recent high.  This is a pattern that has been demonstrated by a number of solar stocks.

Part of trading solar stocks is watching commodity prices in general, particularly oil and natural gas.  The lower the price of these fossil fuels, the less immediate need (theoretically) for an alternative energy source.  For those who are long-term investors in solar stocks, this will not be an issue.  First Solar is often used as the benchmark for solar stocks because of their presence globally, experience, stock price and their exposure to massive solar projects.

Anyone who is trading solar stocks on a short-term or intermediate basis, commodity prices are a strong indicator of how well solar shares will perform in the near future.  Having lost 28% makes FLSR somewhat tempting, however, there are at least two factors that can make one hesitate.  First, given the relationship between oil pricing and FSLR, there is a possibility that oil will continue to slide.  What if oil goes back to $65 per barrel?  Theoretically, FSLR could lose another 28% or more.  Second, FSLR is the most expensive solar stock traded on either the NYSE or Nasdaq.  Despite the recent drop, the stock is still roughly $211 a share.  There are a number of other quality solar companies to invest in and/or trade out there.  Both of these factors may make one consider either waiting on the sidelines or looking for another solar firm.

But even though FSLR is not a solar trade, it should be always be kept in sight.  First Solar will be a good benchmark for any solar shares you trade.  Keep your trading screens open with the price of oil, natural gas, and FSLR at all times.  And remember when you see oil start to rise, FSLR could very well be a solid player for the short-term.

In a sign that solar stocks are going to have a lot of business, Q Cells has signed a 10-year contract with LDK Solar.  Q Cells, based in Germany, is the largest manufacturer of solar cells in the world.  Their stock is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.  LDK Solar is a NYSE listed stock, based in China.

The 10-year deal calls for LDK Solar to provide no less than 20,000 metric tons of UMG solar grade silicon.  The agreement began immediately on Friday, September 12th, 2008.  There is also an option for both parties to produce up to 21,000 more metric tons over the same time period.  Along with these two contractual agreements, there was also a memorandum of understanding between the two companies.

This memorandum is an indication that LDK is going to have a long-term business partner.  It indicates that in addition to the two mentioned agreements, that Q Cells will be supplied up to five mega watts of solar wafers by LDK.  And as Q Cells is the worldwide leader in solar cell production this could eventually lead to more commitments.  LDK investors now have to realize a greater deal of safety in their investment.  This is the biggest solar contract ever.  No matter what else happens within the LDK business they are going to have a high degree of business and fulfillment of this contract.

Mr. Peng, the CEO of LDK, stated that this collaboration is a sign that his company produces a high-quality product.  He also named two of the products LDK would sell to Q Cells, those being Nova wafers and a more standard wafer made from high purity polysilicon.  Mr. Milner, the CEO of Q Cells,  congratulated LDK for their reliability and quality.

Now given this situation, you might think that LDK shares rose on Friday. Well, they did.  LDK stock opened at $41.62, up $.89 on the open of trading.  The stock quickly moved up and traded at an intra-day high of $43.40 per share.  Then the stock started to retreat and ended up the day at $40.76, up to a whole nickel for the day.  In the end, not quite much of a rally for such an enormous accomplishment.

LDK has been falling in general since a recent high of $51, back on August 29th.  Much like other solar stocks it has been hit hard by the collapsing price of oil which has been declining rapidly since July.  Nearly all of the solar stocks have been on the decline lately and this tepid rise on Friday is a bit of an omen for LDK Solar.

Although this deal is a great prize for LDK’s future, for the moment investors might want to be guarded.  There are two ways to look at LDK as an investment play.  First, to wait and see how the company trades this week.  If it appears to have the strength (and other solar stocks are rallying) then it could be considered a buy for a quick gain.  Second, plan on potentially going into LDK Solar as a long-term investment.  If the stock does continue to drop, then investors could dollar cost average into the LDK shares regularly.  Or just set-up buying more shares at lower price points.

The good news is that if you buy LDK (or currently own it) this deal is going to provide a strong basis for the company over the coming years.  The Q Cells agreement makes LDK a stock to buy for a trade, with the possibility of getting a long run investment.  If you are looking to take a major long-term investment in solar, consider LDK as a strong candidate.

Gold Stocks

Gold Penny stocks to watch. Gold has become one of the best investments you can make today. Historically, investors have always turned to gold in a time of economic crisis. When the value of the dollar is plunging, the investment community rushes into gold as a way to protect their assets.

This current economic crisis isn’t just affecting us here in America, it’s affecting the entire world and investors everywhere are turning to gold as a safe haven. I think we all know that this global rescission is not going to magically disappear overnight which would also mean that the rise of gold prices won’t be slowing down just yet.

Last year alone world investment in gold nearly doubled, exceeding 1,900 tonnes-a value of around billion. Yet the government, central banks, and private investors are not the biggest driving force of Gold’s dramatic price increase. The highest demand for gold comes from the jewelry industry and America is not the country with the highest demand, India is.

A quick history lesson; gold import in India went thru strong restrictions during the two world wars and adopted a fully restricted policy after independence. They didn’t have a reformed policy until the early 1990′s. An interesting fact about the gold control regime was that it prohibited all gold transactions between residents and non-residents. This caused an effect similar to America’s prohibition of black market smuggling and unofficial transactions in foreign exchange began to flourish. India’s gold consumptions accelerated sharply during the 1990′s after the liberalization of the gold import policy.

Today India is the world’s largest consumers of gold. In the first quarter of this year, total consumer demand in India soared 698% to 193.5 tonnes. The jewelry industry there contributes over 15% of the country’s total exports and provides employment to 1.3 million people directly and indirectly.

Penny stocks are a great way to get into gold investing. One of the more profitable investment choices is gold stocks. Investors can buy shares in junior gold companies relatively cheap and see staggering gains once the gold starts coming out of the ground.

A junior mining company is an exploration company that looks for new deposits of gold, silver, uranium or other precious minerals. These companies target properties that are believed to have significant potential for finding large mineral deposits.

The junior gold mining companies often see the greatest impact on their share prices, so much so that you don’t have to wait to invest until the gold is being produced. When a junior gold company is in the exploration phase and strikes gold, the share price soars.

Oil stocks

Hot oil stock

Precision Petroleum Corporation is an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and natural gas properties in the United States. Precision’s objective is to seek out and develop opportunities in the oil and natural gas sectors that represent a low-risk opportunity. As well, Precision aims to define larger projects that can be developed with Joint Venture partners. We consider it one of the top oil stocks.

PPTO Closed @ .95 Today Up Another 4%.  We are near the critical breakout point of 1.00.

This move past $1.00 is coming and once it does we are going to see a move to the old high of $1.58. We see a stock price of $2.00 to $3.00 based on the expected new flow.  This is a huge potential gain for members who choose to enter the stock this coming week.

PPTO has been on an acquisition hunt and is building a solid portfolio of producing properties which are going to gain value as oil rises. PPTO is in Oklahoma and Montana with properties which have huge reserves and a long history of producing solid results.

The average well purchased by PPTO has a 15-year lifespan.  PPTO is setting up for the benefit of shareholders on both a short and long term basis.

This world is watching as oil gathers more speed and climbs past $58 dollars this week.

Oil is up 10% this week and up 70% from the low of $34 per barrel set in February.

Analyst sentiment is turning and we have the beginning of a move to the $70 per barrel level.

Big board oils stocks like Exxon are headed higher on the NYSE.

The trend with the big oil stocks always trickles down to the smaller more nimble players in the oil patch.

PPTO is SUPER CHEAP and has the proper business plan , size , and perspective to be successful in this new oil stock rally.

We think PPTO @ .95 will prove to be very cheap as the stock keeps moving to $1.58, then $2.00 and eventually $3.00+. This move will be news driven.  We have spoken to management on repeated occasions via conference call. They tell us to expect more acquisition news.

The jet fuel leak that has been slowly creeping off Kirtland Airforce Base, and contaminating Albuquerque’s water supply while it’s at it, is “massive.” So massive that it’s in the Exxon Valdez oil spill category, said Albuquerque Journal science writer John Fleck yesterday in a column. And state officials think it’s a very serious problem.

The numbers are in dispute, Fleck noted, with the air force claiming the spill is between one and two million gallons, but the state environment department claiming it’s an eight-million-gallon spill. By comparison, the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of oil in Alaska’s Prince Williams Sound in 1989.

The Kirtland jet fuel leak was discovered in 1999 but the problem began in the 1970s. It was only made public in 2008 when air force officials discovered it had migrated off the base into nearby groundwater. The fuel is sitting on top of groundwater, more than a foot deep in some areas.

Air Force officials downplayed the danger of the spill in 2008, saying that it would be cleaned up before it ever reached a drinking water well. But state environment department officials have a greater sense of urgency apparently.While there are 27 cases of contaminated groundwater in Bernalillo County, nothing comes close to the scale of the Kirtland jet fuel leak, and state officials want it cleaned up, said Fleck:

The urgency with which state regulators view the problem can be seen in an obscure but significant bureaucratic development last month. In an April 2 letter, the Environment Department informed the Air Force that jurisdiction over the fuel spill was being transferred from the state’s Groundwater Quality Bureau to the Hazardous Waste Bureau.

That might sound like boring organization chart stuff, but it has substantive implications. Groundwater regulators had little regulatory muscle to push the Air Force because of restrictions on their ability to tell federal agencies what to do. Not so the Hazardous Waste Bureau, which has broader legal authority to compel federal agencies to act to monitor and clean up spills.

The letter is an attempt to force the Air Force to drill more monitoring wells, to better characterize the extent of the contamination, to get a better handle on what the next steps in cleaning it up need to be.

“We need to know,” Bearzi said in an interview, “and we need to know now.”

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a profitable–and yes legal way to run your electric meters
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see, on August 21, 2006, the government passed a law known as the
“SB-1 Energy Dividend Act.”

it allows homeowners to run their meters backwards.

Hagman — the actor who played J.R. Ewing on the hit drama series
Dallas — learned how to run his electric meter backwards in 2005.
He installed the system on his 42-acre avocado farm� and
has seen his electric bill fall from $37,000 per year to just $13!

across America, homeowners and businesses alike are slashing their
energy costs by switching to this new power system and running
their meters backwards.

to the Wall Street Journal, the number of homes running their
meter backwards nearly tripled between 2002 and 2006� going
from 2,805 to 7,446. Industry officials say these installations
will exceed 11,000 this year.

that’s why I’m writing to you today.

a small company in California that installs these systems.

fact, you can pick up shares for just $9. But not for long.

because this little-known company is so unique, it’s the only
publicly traded company of its kind. There’s nothing else out
there like it available to investors like you and me.

makes it so unique? Well it’s the only publicly-traded solar panel
installation company.

are a lot of publicly-traded companies that make solar panels like
First Solar, SunPower and Suntech. But this tiny $9 company is the
only one that actually comes to your home and installs the panels.

September 24, this small solar panel installation company finally
listed its shares for trading on the NASDAQ senior exchange. penny stocks news

to that, it traded on the OTC bulletin board, where it didn’t get
a lot of attention from Wall Street or John Q. Investor.

the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I
recommended this stock in my trading service last year. I got my
traders into the stock for a measly $3 a share.


when the stock moved to the NASDAQ, it shot up to hit a record
high of $9!

traders are sitting on a gain of 200%.

now that this solar stock is trading on the widely-followed
NASDAQ, it has matured from a speculative trade to a long-term


now that it’s on the NASDAQ, big institutional investors like Bear
Stearns and Goldman Sachs can buy this stock easily.

the buying has begun. On the first day the stock traded on the
NASDAQ, volume for this little puppy was over 1 million shares.
That’s massive, considering the stock’s average daily volume was
just 175,000!

the second day?

million shares.

this is just the beginning, trust me.

for good reason. Solar is the new oil. It’s an energy source
that’s abundant, clean and it never runs out. The price of solar
energy has come down… and it’ll soon be competitive with oil,
gas and coal.

why big investment institutions are lining up to buy this stock
just like they did with First Solar and SunPower. These solar
companies have exploded to the upside as investors have rushed the
doors in an effort to participate in the hottest technology in
alternative energy. Here are the charts for these two stocks:(SPWR) & (FSLR)

Penny Stocks | The Penny Stock Market | Penny Stocks List

The penny stock market is vicious, lucrative, and captivating. The draw for first-time buyers is usually their price, which typically runs well below $5 per share. This financial fluidity means that not only do penny stocks sell OTC (outside of the NASDAQ and similar arenas), but they also trade at lightning speeds. Still, savvy investors can make a pretty penny?no pun intended?if they know what is going on.

The penny stock market has certain rules. When approaching your first penny stock deal, a red flag should go up if the following conventions are not observed: before brokers, or more commonly dealers, can sell a stock, it must approve the customer (you) and get from you a written statement consenting to the transaction in question. They are then required to provide you with concrete documentation that notifies you of the risks associated with trading in penny stocks, after which they must outline the details of the trade.

This includes the market value of each share, the company will gain from the transaction, which is ready to share any broker involved, and so on. Once your account is created, the company is obliged to show the exact market value of each share in your account by sending you monthly statements. If all these measures are in order and the trade goes well, you are free to proceed with confidence.

Penny stocks are those that have great potential to earn a great return on investment with so little comment. This makes it the favorite of all time stock traders, including those who are new to the stock exchange games. It is not surprising even veteran stock traders find the time to invest in penny stocks returns. But not all penny stocks can lead to huge returns on investment, if any at all. penny stocks under 30 cents In fact, many penny stocks on the market are placed there simply as fraudulent stocks, traders deceive gullible to believe he has done a good deal, when in fact it is buying a bouquet of value stocks.

Contrary to public opinion, to learn how to select penny stocks is not exactly a difficult thing. In fact, it is quite simple that novices easily blow it. The first thing you should probably see a penny stock site. You will find hundreds of resources for choosing penny stocks just by searching the Internet.

The problem is that most of these Web resources require membership; some require a certain amount of the contribution. Fortunately, the taxes that are required are usually minimal, and that the value you can get information, there will certainly exceed what you paid for membership. But you must always be careful when seeking advice penny stock. Just because you find all sorts of information on the Internet does not necessarily mean that all this is true. There are fake sites that are created specifically to draw attention to some penny stocks that are currently on offer, in truth and in fact, nothing.

For this reason, you should also consult a veteran in the stock market. He must know the advantages and disadvantages of penny stock trading and should be able to give advice on the experience and practical knowledge.

By: Pankaj Gupta.

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Stock Picks are a great way to find new investment ideas, hot stocks and hot industries. Some stock plays are penny stocks, some are stock trades that could have a huge amount of potential. Investors should never invest in a stock pick unless they can afford to lose their entire investment.

Stock investing isn’t without its fair share of risk and investors should consider their own risk tolerance level and always consult their financial advisor. When finding stock ideas its important to screen stocks and make a list of stocks to start watching. Some of the best stocks are found by completing your own due diligence and learning as much as you can on stocks through books and other media. Experience in the stock market is also very important. Experience comes with stock trading and stock research.

Stock news is important to pay attention to when you find a stock pick and want to follow the stock. Also, investment newsletters usually follow stock picks and stock ideas. Investing in stocks requires attention to detail and what industries are hot and which ones are not. As they say, a rising tide can lift all ships, this goes the same for stocks sometimes. Stocks in an industry that is hot become hot stocks as a group and many of them begin to move within that industry. This can be small cap stocks, cheap stocks, value stocks or others. penny stocks kaufen

Penny Stock Picks require investment research and there is not as much stock information on them. Remember, to always complete your own stock analysis on penny stock picks. NASDAQ and AMEX stocks are also popular in the stock market.

It is important to look at a stocks balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Usually a stock pick profile will cover one if not all of these financial statements. There are also key ratios that investors can use as tools to consider a stocks value when completing investment research.
A ratio that is one of the most well known is the P/E ratio, known as just the PE ratio or Price to Earnings ratio or even known as the “earnings multiple” / “multiple”. A higher P/E ratio means that investors are paying more for each unit of income. A P/E ratio of a stock is a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the annual income or profit earned by the firm per share. The P/E ratio is calculated by dividing the stock price of a share by the annual earnings per share. Annual earnings per share is known as EPS. Generally, stocks with higher earnings growth will have a higher P/E and those with lower earnings growth will have a lower P/E.
Some investors like to do daytrading, also known as swing trading. There are a lot of good stocks that are free stock picks out there that give new stock ideas to those not finding as many new stocks as they’d like. Market timing can be very important as well.

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Penny Stocks Information

Penny Stocks And SEC Regulations

Penny stocks are stocks that have low value and they are commonly sold outside the stock exchanges. All stocks which are sold on the stock exchanges have to meet some regulations. The penny stocks are usually sold �over the counter� and have high risk. But, if you are beginner in the capital market it will be easier for you to start with penny stocks because of their small value although the risk of loosing the money is higher than investing in stocks which are sold on the stock exchanges such as : NYSE and NASDAQ.

All trading of stocks on the stock exchange is monitored by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and this commission has the task to protect the interest of all people involved in trading. Securities and Exchange Commission frames rules and guidelines for properly functioning of stock exchanges. SEC has a role in facilitating the capital formation on the market and also takes oversight of fair trading.

Penny stocks are not approved nor disapproved by SEC. There is noting illegal in trading with penny stocks, but the trade of penny stocks is outside of the NYSE, NASDAQ or any other stock exchange in the US. The penny stocks are traded� over the counter� and out of regulations of SEC.

However, the Securities and Exchange Commission tries to control the trading with penny stocks. penny stocks canada How does the SEC control the trading of penny stocks if they are not sold on stock exchanges? The broker or dealer hired by the person or company who wants to sell penny stocks will confirm that his client is to sell them. Before the transaction the broker should have this written request from his client.

The broker should also give a document to the client in which it is stated the desire of his client to buy penny stocks from a company. In this document, it should be stated the risk the client is taking when investing in penny stocks. Also SEC rules that the broker is obligated to inform the buyer of penny stocks about the commission he will be charged. The client furthermore will be informed on the market rate of penny stocks and variations in price during the time.

At the end of every month, as SEC rules, the broker is obligated to give to its client a monthly statement with market rates of the stocks he has bought. The brokers find it mandatory to follow the rules of SEC otherwise they will be punished. By enforcing these regulations, the SEC is able to be controlling the penny stocks market and trading. In this way the risk for buyers of penny stocks is somewhat lower and this is the reason for the involvement of the SEC; to make penny stock trading as safe as possible.

Stocks Picks | Leading Penny Stock Investments How To Find Them

People are always looking for the leading penny stock investments. This is usually the main goal of people investing in penny stocks. If they find them, then they are going to make some serious money quick. The problem is most people dont have the experience, and investing knowledge to find these profitable stocks. The majority of people see penny stocks as a get rich quick opportunity, they invest their money blindly based on gut feelings then they end up losing there money. The 20/80 principle takes place in penny stocks. This means that 20% of investors have 80% of the wealth. So we going to find the leading penny stock investments?

First of all, you need to be resourceful as you possibly can and spend a lot of time researching. Some tools that successful investors use is stock newsletters. You subscribe to one of these, and usually about once a week they will send you stock picks. These newsletters are gold, and they will increase your success percentage. They are are backed by tons of research and information and are really valuable resource. However, once you get your stock picks I suggest doing a little bit of research before you invest in one these leading penny stock investments.

While stock newsletters are a good tool, stock picking software is awesome. If you are going to use one way and one way only to pick your stocks, this is your best bet. These programs can outperform any human mind when it comes to researching. They can analyze hundreds of stocks a minute, and with this information they can predict which stocks will be profitable. These programs will give you accurate stocks picks 4/5 times. In penny stocks anything over 50% is great. This is the best way to find the leading penny stock investments.

Ive been trading penny stock for a couple years now and have been quite successful. If you are looking for a way to increase your penny stock profits I recommend getting your hands on Penny Stock Software. This has really helped my penny stock career and I think it can help yours too. You can learn more about penny stock software and newsletters on my page MyDoublingStocks. Hopefully this information will be of some use to you. Good luck.

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